February 2, 2010

Welcome from Tim Mondavi!

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Welcome to our new Continuum Blog.  From time to time members of our Continuum Family will be updating you on the various workings here at Continuum Estate.  We hope it will bring you closer to the activities taking place here and make you more a part of our vision.

For our first post I wanted to start with why we as a family are dedicating ourselves to Continuum.   My father always said “fine wine has an affinity for family.”  I’ve seen this realized successfully through our wine relationships that produce some of the best wines around the world.  The fine wine business is measured in generations rather than in quarters.  It was my grandfather’s sense of discovery that got us into wine and brought us to Napa Valley long before it was known.  My father added to that a commitment to excellence elevating Napa Valley to the world stage.  With Continuum we are building on this sense of discovery and commitment to excellence by adding to it the clarity and power of focus.  The result in Continuum is a single great wine from a single great estate.

In my lifetime I have had the good fortune of growing up in wine in the Napa Valley as it also grew up.  I have also had an opportunity to develop a global perspective through visiting the great wine regions around the world and forge great friendships.  Some of these friendships have turned into significant partnerships.   Again and again these experiences underscore the importance of family in wine and the importance of terroir.  The Frescobaldi’s with their 800 years in wine demonstrate impressively what can happen when you have great land and a family that takes a long term view.  Baron Philippe de Rothschild, and now Philippine, have demonstrated to the world that wine truly is an art, in a way that no one had before, compromising nothing in the pursuit of excellence.  Eduardo Chadwick, with his vision, understood the potential that existed in Chile for great wine, before anyone else.  Each of these elements are inherent in every family committed to great wine.  My winegrowing career, including learning from these relationships, has allowed me a unique depth of understanding that I am now able to apply to Continuum.  

The sale of the Robert Mondavi Company at the end of 2004 was not something any of us wanted to happen.  Yet it afforded us the opportunity to start again, unfettered by the past yet buoyed by it.  There are many great things in wine we as a family have been able to accomplish that I am very proud of.  There are also some things I would have done differently.  Continuum benefits from both the good and the bad of our past.  As a result, it is my strong desire to remain incredibly focused; one family, one estate, one wine.   

Our goal is to produce a single estate wine to be recognized among the finest in the world.  This is an exciting opportunity for us to add to our family’s legacy in anticipation that the next generation will take it even farther.  As Sir Isaac Newton stated: “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”  For our family, Cesare certainly was a giant.  It was on these shoulders that Robert stood to have his great vision for wine.  Continuum’s vision benefits from two generations of giants before us.  It is our aspiration to build solidly on this foundation as we realize the potential of this incredible site on Pritchard Hill in a singular great wine.  We don’t expect this to happen overnight, or in a decade, or even in a single generation, but we will make it happen, vintage by vintage. 

We are excited about the release of our third vintage, the 2007 Continuum.  It’s a wonderful blend of our past with To Kalon and our future with our Pritchard Hill Estate.  Thank you for your interest, support and enthusiasm for what we have accomplished.  Thank you also for sharing with us in our excitement for our future.  We invite you to come see Continuum Estate, and join us in our journey.

 In Continuum! 


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