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Continuum is an extended family. Each of our team members combines expertise with passion, dedication with insight, and a genuine love of the vine. Tim is the leader and visionary but all of team Continuum is integral to building a First Growth.

Tim Mondavi - Partner

Tim Mondavi is the winegrower, visionary and creative force behind all aspects of Continuum Estate.  He has devoted his life’s work and passion to enhancing the art of wine.  In 1974, armed with a degree from UC Davis in viticulture & enology Tim joined the winemaking team at Robert Mondavi Winery.  It was there Tim guided wine research programs, led the development of Napa’s Appellation system and mentored many wine makers over the years. His first-hand experience in winegrowing extends to Italy, Chile, Australia and France where Tim developed, or was an integral part of, a number of luxury wines including Opus One in Napa, Ornellaia and Luce in Italy, and Sena in Chile.

Marcia Mondavi Borger - Partner

Marcia shares oversight of all aspects of Continuum with Tim. Marcia began her career in wine giving tours at Charles Krug Winery. With her family's founding of Robert Mondavi Winery (RMW) she worked in the cellar and lab and then moved into public relations and sales. She was responsible for many of the educational seminars and programs at RMW. In 1974 she moved to NYC to focus on bringing California wines to the East Coast market. Today she remains a passionate ambassador of the family vision for wine and food. She is thrilled to be (part-time) back in Napa Valley concentrating on Continuum. When not in New York or Napa, Marcia can be found traveling the world with her husband Tom, their children and friends.

Carissa Mondavi

C arissa plays a key role in Communications, Hospitality and in bringing Continuum to the market. She worked in the vineyards, cellar, as a Senior Wine Educator and in the Cultural Affairs Department of the Robert Mondavi Winery. Keen on liberating people’s experience with wine she is thrilled to be sharing her family story with others, and contributing to the realization of her father’s vision. In her free time Carissa enjoys music composition, yoga, hiking, cooking and dreaming of travel yet to come one day. Oh, and is pushing for a Bayla (her dog) web-cam on the Continuum website; that we all might be so inspired to run so exuberantly through the vines all the live-long day.

Carlo Mondavi


arlo Mondavi, a 4th generation vintner born and raised in Napa Valley, grew up close to his grandfather Robert and father Tim, both of whom influenced from early on. He credits them both as his greatest teachers. After his studies were complete Carlo worked with the winemaking team at Robert Mondavi Winery and Opus One. After the sale, Carlo joined his father, aunt and grandfather to initiate Continuum Estate. Today Carlo oversees all markets west of the Mississippi and key European markets including the UK for Continuum. In 2013 Carlo and his brother Dante founded their own winery, RAEN, to produce Pinot Noir from the Sonoma Coast.

Dante Mondavi

Dante Mondavi, born and raised in Napa Valley, learned about wine from early on following in his father, grandfather and sibling’s footsteps. From sorting fruit at Robert Mondavi Winery to rolling barrels at Opus One, to gathering pressure bomb samples in To-Kalon, Oakville and Stags Leap, he has learned on the job. Dante joined the Continuum team to assist his father in the winery for the first vintages and served as cellar master from 2005-2010. In 2011 Dante became Director of East Coast sales in both the U.S. and Canada for Continuum. In 2013 Dante and his brother Carlo founded their own winery, RAEN, to produce Pinot Noir from the Sonoma Coast.

Chiara Mondavi

Chiara Mondavi is a Napa Valley native. She grew up with her sister and brothers in the vineyards, climbing the big oaks and swimming in the Napa River. A graduate from the California College of Arts, Chiara’s art has graced Continuum from the beginning and serves as an inspiration to her father Tim as his work in the vineyard and winery inspire her. Chiara recently completed her associate’s degree in Viticulture and Enology and is now actively involved in both the vineyard and winery teams, where she works closely with her father Tim, Ryan in the field and Carrie in the cellar. In addition, Chiara is also involved in all design and art related matters for Continuum.

Vineyard Team

Ryan Gerhardt, vineyard manager, is in charge of all estate vineyard farming and development for Continuum Estate. Ryan and his team work closely with Tim to develop and enhance our mountain vineyard blocks health and vitality. Evans McLean, head groundskeeper, is in charge of all landscaping and non-vineyard plantings at Continuum Estate. Chiara Mondavi serves as Continuum’s viticultural technician, collecting vineyard data and conducting research throughout the season.

Front row from left: Evans McLean, Juvenal Limon (with Continuum since 2010), Ryan Gerhardt, Salvador Zenteno (with the Mondavi family since 1990), Tim Mondavi

Back row from left: Jose ‘Lupe’ Guiterrez, vineyard foreman (with the Mondavi family since 1989), Luis Pelayo, (with the estate since 1995), Rodrigo Gomez, (with Continuum since 2013), Chiara Mondavi

Winegrowing Team

From left to right:
Jamie Flatt, facilities manager - manages all systems and equipment at the winery
Kurt Niznik, consulting enologist - has worked with Continuum since 2008.
Tim Mondavi - directs all winemaking and cellar initiatives
Carrie Findleton, assistant winemaker - is in charge of all wine protocols for Continuum; tracking the wine from the grapes' arrival to final bottling and packaging. Carrie’s dog Bodie, can often be found at the winery.
Cesar Avina, cellar worker - has been with Continuum since summer 2013

Estate Team

From lower right corner:
Bookkeeper - Eric N. Sims, is passionate about the dollars and cases at Continuum.
Office Manager - Cindy Nagy worked at Robert Mondavi Winery from 1979 to 2004. Cindy’s organization & attention to detail are invaluable.
Director of Sales and Marketing - David Bantly, a wine industry veteran, recently joined the team to lead all Continuum's sales efforts.
Marketing and Communication - Burke Owens, former curator of wine at COPIA, assists with various projects for Continuum.
General Manager - Greg Brady worked at RMW from 1992-2005 in Oakville; since 2008 he assists Tim in building the estate and business.

Hospitality Team

From left:
Hospitality Coordinator
- Kaitlin Alayan, a Boston native, welcomes visitors to the estate.
Director of Consumer Relations - Lindsey Maldonado leads all direct sales and outreach.